What we do ?

Our favorite things often have a story to them, hidden behind every gift we give and receive, the hint of ‘Special’ sits on the fact of thought or effort. At Wellbi we look at bringing you ‘Special’ in every stitch, thread, and fiber. 

Established through passion, curiosity, and a need for change, Wellbi stands, not just for a brand, but as a symbol for the well-being of the rural artisans, the ecosystem, and our customers. Wellbi ties together as more than just sustainable apparel, but a choice to help make change a reality. We at Wellbi are all dedicated to the cause of weaving a story into every ensemble. The stories of our people and their previous generations, creating a legacy in every seam.

“It only takes a spark to keep the fire going” 
The idea behind Wellbi is to bring comfort, along with awareness. All our pieces are environmentally sound and handcrafted by artisans through their passion for weaving/spinning, a skill passed down from one generation to the next, a heritage to be protected and kept alive, the spark that led to Wellbi’s founding.
Wellbi stands as a platform, a means for our rural artisans to express their heritage through every weave, to give you not only a story you can wear, but a story that we can keep alive.To make hand-crafted apparel with modern designs easily accessible and affordable.

 “Everything comes down to the first stitch” 

Through the journeys taken by the founders of Wellbi, hours of research and brainstorming, Wellbi in its journey to be environmentally sound, uses eco-friendly dyes, hand block printing, coconut / sea shell buttons, unbleached cotton labels, compostable covers, recycled paper tags  encapsulating our mission and aim as a brand. 

With our modern designs and the intricate skill of our artisans, Wellbi apparel is durable, season friendly, soft to the touch, and most importantly is free of allergens. Perfection in any scenario.


“Beautiful things come together, one stitch at a time”

With a wide range of hand-made sustainable multi-wear to pique your interest, all our products are sewn from natural thread that accentuates your comfort, style and makes a statement.

With all our products curated and made in India, Wellbi’s reverie is to give our heritage a voice, a chance to be remembered one stitch at a time. 

All our smart wear, for both Men and Women, is tailored to give you a fashionable eco-friendly alternative with a purpose and vision to be sustainable, authentic, and vibrant.

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