How it started ?

“ When life gives you lemons, save the seeds”
Being raised and brought up in India has its perks; a wide range of culture, delicacies, and heritage everywhere you look. Every sight is rich with history all the way from the peaks of the Himalayas to the tip of the Kanyakumari, but you can't see red flags through rose-colored glasses. Behind the beauty are people who are voiceless but have stories that are as vivid as the heritage in their blood. 
With this in mind we as the Chief Servants of Wellbi have noticed that our people are equipped with talent that is as precious to them as our culture is to us, but in the event of their poverty, skills alone do not bring home daily bread. 
Taking this issue to heart, as individuals who see the stars through darkness have one vision; To raise awareness and provide our artisans with the voice they need, while giving you sustainable apparel that supports a necessary cause.
We as individuals through our travels and expeditions experienced the honesty that comes with the handiwork of our rural artisans and felt a burning desire to create a platform for them to not only be seen but appreciated for their skill.
When in the pipeline, Wellbi became a goal that we were motivated to reach, through the trials we wanted more than an idea, more than a brand, a timeless identity. Curating art and equipping them with a weapon to fight poverty and all it entails, Creativity.
As they say, no journey is complete without hurdles, the construction of Wellbi as a brand and symbol has had its fair share. In establishing our vision and calling to be the change we want to see, Wellbi as one entity strives to bring forward our people and their culture, making our heritage accessible, affordable, and apprehendable.
There is more to handmade crafts than meets the eye, and we hope you see the stories that they weave, the stories that inspired us to build Wellbi.